Marvel Baby Blanket


I love making baby blankets for Mommys to be, they are fun, easy, personal gifts. And who doesn’t like snuggling up in a cozy blanket! This is by far one of my favorites I’ve ever made! It’s p


I just made a simple self binding blanket, instead of an Invisible stitch I used a fancy stitch. I think it really adds that extra BAM to it! Ok I’m still just a little obsessed with my sewing machine my husband gave me! I just love all the stitches it does!


I think the dots are just darling, they help soften the look.



I need to make myself one now! Or I’ll just watch the Avengers while I work on my next project:)


Quick February Project:)

So I have this kitchen thingy that I use for my entry way. (My kitchen is closed off so it makes it feel smaller, and gives me no space for it. I’ve been working on convincing My Love to remodel it, but that’s a whole other story!) anyhow, it has this spot that fits my big, ugly, bottom being held together by duct tape, basket perfectly. Do I really need to say what the problem is?!? I thought I had taken a before picture but I guess not, it really was an eye soar.
So with friends coming over for dinner tonight was just the motivation I needed. I grabbed my roll of burlap (yes I have a roll of it, I have a problem I know. But it was such a amazing deal!) whipped out my trusty glue gun and presto!


I love how it looks! It needs a liner but that can wait:)

Making my House a Home (January photo block project)

With all the amazing ideas going around (Thanks Pinterest, for putting everything in one place) it’s really inspired me to finally make some serious decorating commitments!! To this day our house has always been rather bland, stuff people have given us….. Not to mention my husband getting sucked into the whole ‘if it ain’t broken why fix it’ Plus my indecisiveness. Yes it’s way past time.
So I’ve committed to doing at least one project a month. Anything from rearranging a room to painting a wall! (My house is all an eggshell which was the most color my husband would agree to when we bought our house! Now it’s the ‘we just painted the whole hose when we bought it’ excuse! Lol) or just a simple wood photo block

I absolutely love how this came out!

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