Riding Boot Alternation Tutorial

Boot Alteration Before & After

Boot Alteration
Before & After

I’ve been wanting a pair of ridding boots for some time now. I was so excited when I found a pair on clearance for $20 plus $6 shipping, score!! I was hesitant about buying the online because i was unsure of the fit (I have a chubby foot! Lol) but decided to go for it.
I was so excited when they arrived, and they fit perfectly!! I was so relieved, I didn’t notice how wide they were at the top. I started to feel bummed for a whole 5 seconds, then the little wheels in my brain started spinning. “I bet I can fix that, they just need taken in about an inch….”
I goggled around and didn’t find anything. Am I the only one with these problems… or just crazy enough to think I can fix it…. hmmm
Since I already talked myself into trying, there’s no turning back.

Riding Boot Alternation

Cut Seam Lining

First thing I did was take my seam ripper to the lining. I decided to take in the front seam since there’s a loop right on the back seam. I didn’t want to mess with it.

Riding Boot Alternation

Snip Top Lining Strip

I was careful to just clip the tread on the top lining, then I cut it with my scissors. I just pulled it to the length I was going to take in. Careful, the top stitch is visible on the out side.

Riding Boot Alternation

Cut Top lining

Riding Boot Alternation

Pull off fabric strip

There was a little fabric ‘glued’ strip over the seam , I just pulled it off.

Riding Boot Alternation

Sew, starting on original seam.

Now this part is a bit tricky. With the foot part away from me I put it under my sewing machine. I put the needle down on the original seam. Keeping the lining out of the way I slowly started sewing holding eveything in place. I didnt pin because I didn’t want to make holes. I did have to help it as I sewed, very slowly. All the way to the top.

Riding Boot Alternation

Sew slowly to top

Riding Boot Alternation

Sew a few stitches to keep top down

Origanally I sewed all the way up and was going to fold down the very top piece, just like it was. But I had some issues with it so I folded it fown and gave it a few stiches.

(I did this after I trimed my new seam)

Riding Boot Alternation

Trim seam

Now to trip your seam. I didn’t bother gluing the fabric strip back on (I admit it, I was intimidated by it) so I just snipped it off.

Riding Boot Alternation

Hand sew lining

I hand sewed the inside lining back in place and carefully glued the very top lining trim in place.

Riding Boot Alternation

Glue top lining in place

Not to bad! I’m very happy with the results.

Boot Alteration

Boot Alteration

Riding Boot Alternation

Riding Boot Alternation, (left one is altered)

(The one on the left is altered. Sorry it wad hard to get a good pic)

Thanks for visiting:)
Please tell me I’m not the only one crazy enough to think they can do it!


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