Making my House a Home (January photo block project)

With all the amazing ideas going around (Thanks Pinterest, for putting everything in one place) it’s really inspired me to finally make some serious decorating commitments!! To this day our house has always been rather bland, stuff people have given us….. Not to mention my husband getting sucked into the whole ‘if it ain’t broken why fix it’ Plus my indecisiveness. Yes it’s way past time.
So I’ve committed to doing at least one project a month. Anything from rearranging a room to painting a wall! (My house is all an eggshell which was the most color my husband would agree to when we bought our house! Now it’s the ‘we just painted the whole hose when we bought it’ excuse! Lol) or just a simple wood photo block

I absolutely love how this came out!

I’ve been having a lot of fun, once I start crafting stuff it’s hard to stop! To say I get carried away is an understatement!!
Since we were out on a mission and didn’t get home until February I’m counting my wood block as my January project!! I do what I want, hahaha! But seriously I’m really excited about all the projects I’ve gotten done:)



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