I am My Beloveds sign.

I absolutely love wood signs and rustic decor. Not so much woodsy log cabin stuff (ok I love that too just not to much in my house, but if I actually got a log cabin that would be a different story….lol)
anyways i’ve been drooling over all the wood signs I’ve seen on the Internet. I especially love the look of the big sign over the bed. I recently cleaned out my little girls room and ended up taking apart an old wood shelf. As soon as it was taken apart and I looked at all the wood I knew exactly what I was going to do it!!
As usual I’m terrible at taking pictures during the process… Uggh SORRY!! But it really was so easy to put together. I laid out all the wood how I wanted, I had to cut a few pieces to size. Flipped the pieces over, then I took a small skinny piece of wood and screwed it to the back of the boards. I know they make little hardware pieces that you can use to attach them, but I’m all about using what I got. To hang it I used screws a wire hanger and washers, worked perfect.
After I had it all assembled I grabbed the sander and sanded away. I wanted the wood to look old so I didn’t sand too much. Then I grabbed a nice light stain that matches my bed and stained the whole thing.
Okay now that the easy part was done, now I had to decide what I want on my sign… I knew I wanted it to be something about marriage, and I wanted to be from the Bible, and I wanted something special, but what… So many beautiful things to pick from!! But then it came to me, I absolutely love how it turned out!!!


For my words I typed it out on my laptop picked the font I liked printed it out, I had to do this twice to get the right size. Then I laid out on my wood and just traced really hard with a pencil so I had the outline and painted it on. For my birds and my trees I started out sketching app and then I just went for it I paint better free hand, lol.


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