Giant zipper pillowcase tutorial

One of our really good friends made us a giant log bed, as a wedding gift.
It’s amazing. He even burnt our special dates into the top of the log posts20140705-211409-76449710.jpg
Our pillows kept slipping through the mattress to the headboard. So I took some foam that I had saved when we redid our camper (waste not want not) and made some giant pillows. Then I took some fabric that I had this mountain/Wolf print pattern to make pillowcases. It worked out perfectly for what we wanted, but I wanted a new fresh look.
Once again picking out the fabric print/design took longer than the actual project. Lol, typical. But I finally found just what I was looking for.


A knew I wanted zippered pillowcases, these were so simple to make, I love them. One of the times I actually take pictures of the process and my phone doesn’t back them up. Boo. So I’ll explain it the best I can and I drew a few rough drafts of what I did. I plan on redoing my other pillows so hopefully I can post a better tutorial.
I got all my measurements, and cut my fabrics. My front piece is 3 inches wider than my front measurements and my back piece is 3 inches longer than my back measurement. I wanted my front fabric to go a little around to the back, so I didn’t have a seam right on the top of my pillow,

if I make pillows like this again with a different front and back fabric, I’ll make my top piece a little longer.
(so if my pillow is 10 inches length, I cut my back fabric 3 inches longer, plus my seam allowance)

I found the middle of my back fabric, and I measured over 2 inches, cut it, I folded over 2 inches on one piece and 1 inch on the other.

I turned my fabric with the fold the side down pinned my zipper in place with the zipper right on the edge of the fold. Sewed it. Next I took my other back panel with the fold side down and measured in my zipper an inch pinned it in place and sewed it.

I make it sound more complicated than it is, I’m sorry!
Zip up the zipper, pin the top of my front and back panel together, (make sure the zipper is down a little from where you’re going to sew) right sides together, and the bottoms (it doesn’t fold perfectly in half because the front panel is wider than the back panel. Sew. Now unzipped the zipper more so you can turn your pillowcase after you sew the sides. Lay the pillowcase flat and even out the top and the bottom so the front fabric is even on top and bottom, sew sides together. You cannot turn your finished pillowcase inside out!!




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