About Me

Hi, my name is Zandra and I love crafting! My mind is always racing, planning, figuring, problem solving, dreaming of new craft ideas. I love everything from wood to sewing:)
I just wish I had more time to create everything in my mind! With 3 kids, homeschooling 2 of them and a baby, doing all the paperwork for our company, constantly volunteering for church activities, and taking care of this place we live that seams to always be filled with at least 2 extra kids, It can get a bit crazy!! I don’t know how all the awesome working Mommas do it.

A little about how I came to be so Happy:)I am the youngest of 4 sisters, the baby girl for 9 years and the middle child of 7 kids! I love my siblings, life was crazy growing up be we survived! hahaha Really I have 5 Sister who I just adore, They are my confidants, my partners in crime (we stay up way to late when we get together!!), my inspiration, my nemesis and my best friends:) Then there’s my brother, we only have one cause he’s  just that awesome we didn’t need more
I met and fell in love with my husband in 2001 and my life has never been the same:) We got Married 2 years later, shortly after that we we’re blessed with Matthew, Our Short Nug! He brings me so much joy, he’s adventurous, crazy, smart, loving little man. I can’t believe he’s going to be 10 next year. Its to fast. Four years later we had Michael, Our Buddha! He makes me so happy, he’s fearless, bright, funny caring little guy! He finally turned 5 this year (apparently its a big deal:)) Also this year we had Little Magdalene! She is such a blessing to or whole house. She’s growing way to fast, she already has 2 teeth! (she’s only 3 months old!!) she rolls over when she wants, she wiggles and giggles, she loves applesauce and bananas. She’s Our little Princess!

Well that’s my life in a nut shell. I’m easy going, fun loving, window shopping lady who loves to hike, swim, tan on the beach after digging the biggest trench the boys and I can, bike riding, volleyball, softball playing, Child of  God Almighty, who likes to make things with her hands:)
I’d Love to know what you think, leave me a comment:)



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