USA Mission :)

Life has been so crazy!!! But it seams to be an everyday thing around here! Lol

We’ve begun our great adventure praying to bring glory to our Wonderful Saviors Name:) I actually can’t imagine anything I could possibly do to bring Glory to Him. I would be so blessed to be used as a tool for His Kingdom. I want to serve His people just as he came to serve. I pray for boldness to speak His truth!
I watch my husband as he boldly proclaims the love of Christ and I’m in awe. I love my husband but when he’s sharing Jesus there are no words. I am so inspired by watching his walk. Seeing his growth. I praise God for giving me this man, for bringing us back together when we were lost in ourselves.
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Miss Maggie

So I’m loving having a baby girl of my own! Maggie is such a little princess. So I’ve saved a bunch of her baby clothes to use for doll clothes (I did say I was loving having a girl. Lol) anyways I found this little cutie and couldn’t help but notice a resemblance to a sweet girl…. hehe


I’ve been subtly trying to convince my husband to let me spend the $80 to get it! Normally I wouldnt think to spend that much on a doll but please tell me I’m not the only one who sees the likness:) I think it would make a fun keepsake.

Flower Stems & Leaves

   Ok, finally getting around to posting this! Our anniversary was beautiful. I couldn’t be happier with my centerpieces, they came out absolutely gorgeous. Thanks to my amazing sister Daisy for making them all for me! (She’s so great, you should check out her blog:) )

leaves and stem tutorial

leaves and stem tutorial

   Putting the leaves on them and wrapping the stems was a snap.

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Cabbage Rose Tutorial :)

I’m in love with these flowers!!


I want to use them for centerpieces, but real ones are out of my budget (plus I couldn’t get myself to spend that much on them, lol But I need to look into getting some to plant at my house:)))

So I decided to try and make some (Have you seen the prices for fabric flowers… it’s insane) this is what I came up with.

Cabbage Rose Tutorial

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Letting go of myself

    I don’t know how many I’ve told myself “This it’s the year I’m gonna set and keep ALL my New Year resolutions!” Every year it’s the same thing I do so great the first month, then the long list of unrealistic goals comes crashing down on me!! Ok it’s not that extreme. My problem I realize is I’ve never given myself the time and leniency. I can’t change my life over night, and I can do nothing without God. After much prayer and consideration I’ve decided these are the things I wish to change in my life. It is my how to accomplish and integrate them into my life this year.

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Lego Batman Pinata Semi-Tutorial

So my little guy finally turned five. He decided he wanted a Lego Batman Party (after some convincing, his first idea was: Lego Batman, Bumble Bee, Ninja, Transformer, Starwars party.)
We’ve just been so crazy busy around here with school starting and our little princess. Not to mention the mess up on the calender, we had to move his party up a week!! We didn’t get a chance to play ‘Games’ but I think that was for the best. My Husband decided we should BBQ long story short it was a FULL house lol!!All in all I think it turned it alright.
PINATA! always my favorite part. He turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself!
He was so easy to make, although I did find myself becoming rather attached to him in the process!
Making a pinata is so easy a and very rewarding! they are nothing like the ones you by at the store, your 2yr old accidentally bumps it and all the candy falls out! OK so they’re not that bad but you know what I’m saying. Especially if you got a bunch of kids just waiting to get a whack at it!

lego batman pinata

Lego Batman Pinata

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