Lego Batman Pinata Semi-Tutorial

So my little guy finally turned five. He decided he wanted a Lego Batman Party (after some convincing, his first idea was: Lego Batman, Bumble Bee, Ninja, Transformer, Starwars party.)
We’ve just been so crazy busy around here with school starting and our little princess. Not to mention the mess up on the calender, we had to move his party up a week!! We didn’t get a chance to play ‘Games’ but I think that was for the best. My Husband decided we should BBQ long story short it was a FULL house lol!!All in all I think it turned it alright.
PINATA! always my favorite part. He turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself!
He was so easy to make, although I did find myself becoming rather attached to him in the process!
Making a pinata is so easy a and very rewarding! they are nothing like the ones you by at the store, your 2yr old accidentally bumps it and all the candy falls out! OK so they’re not that bad but you know what I’m saying. Especially if you got a bunch of kids just waiting to get a whack at it!

lego batman pinata

Lego Batman Pinata

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